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  • It may be applied to the open end of a reflecting telescope, either of the Newtonian or the Cassegrain construction."
  • P. 419) suggested the division of the small speculum of a Cassegrain telescope and the production of double image by micrometric rotation of the semispecula in the plane passing through their axis.
  • A third form of reflecting telescope was devised in 1672 by Cassegrain (Journal des Scavans, 1672).
  • The Cassegrain telescope differs from the Gregorian only in the substitution of a convex hyperboloidal mirror for a concave ellipsoidal mirror as the small speculum.
  • Fewer telescopes have been made of this than perhaps of any other form of reflector; but in comparatively recent years the Cassegrain has acquired importance from the fact of its adoption for the great Melbourne telescope, and from its employment in the 60-in.

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