Sentence Examples

  • In practice it is usual to standardize or " calibrate " the galvanometer by causing a known change of induction to take place within a standard coil connected with it, and noting the corresponding deflection on the galvanometer scale.
  • In order to measure the value of a continuous electric current, and therefore to calibrate any amperemeter we proceed as follows: The amperemeter is placed in series with a suitable low resistance strip, say of 0.01 ohm.
  • In the same manner the potentiometer may be used to calibrate a voltmeter by the aid of a divided resistance of known value.
  • Imag The DENIS I-band total magnitude calibrated by comparison with the I-band measurements of Mathewson at al.
  • In general, monitoring biophysical properties of forests requires multispectral information and finely calibrated data.

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