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  • Some of the nominations were excellent, such as Lorenzo Campeggio, Giambattista Pallavicini, Adrian of Utrecht, Cajetan, Cristoforo Numai and Egidio Canisio.
  • His works were collected by Cardinal Cajetan, and were published in four volumes at Rome (1606-1615), and then at Paris in 1642, at Venice in 1743, and there are other editions.
  • But he resigned his benefices, and, in conjunction with Cajetan, founded the order of the Theatines (1524) with the object of promoting personal piety and of combating heresy by preaching.
  • CAJETAN (GAETANUS), CARDINAL (1470-1534), was born at Gaeta in the kingdom of Naples.
  • His proper name was Tommaso 1 de Vio, but he adopted that of Cajetan from his birthplace.

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