Sentence Examples

  • 3 with the lower town at Mycenae, the majority of the sixth stratum at Hissarlik, the Ialysus burials, the upper stratum at Phylakope, &c., to the century immediately succeeding.
  • The golden treasure of the Mycenae graves, these critics urge, is not more splendid than would have been found at Cnossus had royal burials been spared by plunderers, or been happened upon intact by modern explorers.
  • Thus sepulchral inscriptions have been found on the Acropolis, though no burials took place there in ancient times.
  • Nor have we the slightest trace of any official interference with Christian burials, such as would render secrecy necessary or desirable.
  • Dr Creighton had access to the manuscript returns of burials and christenings for five years from 1578 to 1582 preserved in the library at Hatfield House.