Sentence Examples

  • 1, b), known as the " buccal shield," is a large organ, strongly flattened in an (From a drawing by Professor McIntosh.) FIG.
  • In some Indian and Malay Engystomatids of the genera Callula and Microhyla, the tadpoles are remarkably transparent, and differ markedly in the structure of the buccal apparatus.
  • This differentiation is not, however, peculiar to the Polychaetes; for in several Oligochaetes the anterior nephridia are of large size, and opening as they do into the buccal cavity clearly play a different function to those which follow.
  • A gizzard is present in a few forms. The buccal cavity is sometimes armed with jaws.
  • Parapod.ia hardly projecting; palps of prosomium forming branched gills; no pharynx or eversible buccal region; no septa in thorax, septa in abdomen regularly disposed.

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