Sentence Examples

  • The remainder was divided into six smaller reservations, Standing Rock, lying partly in North Dakota, and Cheyenne River, Lower Brule, Crow Creek, Rosebud, and Pine Ridge in South Dakota.
  • About 5 6, 5 60 acres of Lower Brule lands were opened for settlement in 1889, about 1,600,000 acres of Sisseton and Wahpeton lands' in 1892, 168,000 acres of the Yankton Sioux lands in 1895, 416,000 acres of the Rosebud lands in 1904, and 800,000 acres in 1908.
  • By Wisconsin, and the Menominee, Montreal and Brule Rivers, which separate it in part from Wisconsin.
  • The buttes are characteristically Arikaree or Gering formations topping Brule clay.
  • The superficial Miocene and Pliocene deposits in the west, above referred to, are underlaid by the White river groups of the Oligocene, whose outcrops of Brule clay and Chadron formation also have been mentioned.

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