Sentence Examples

  • Google/ Google, which is one of the biggest search engines out there, has a system for ranking pages that is illustrated in a Page Rank bar on the Google toolbar (which is a free addition to your web browser and can be downloaded here).
  • The words in between the tags will show up as a link in the web browser (usually a different color, boldface, or underlined) and clicking on it will bring your reader instantly to wherever the anchor tag with the name "TOC" is located.
  • Instead of starting with "http," a secure site's URL will start with "https." Depending on your web browser, an icon that looks like a locked padlock may also appear to show that you're on a secure website.
  • SeaMonkey. Made by the same people who provides Internet users with Firefox, SeaMonkey gives you the editor as well as a browser, an email program and an FTP client so you can easily upload your web pages all within the same program.
  • Many of the links go to French-language sites, so if you don't speak French or read it or the site doesn't give you an option to switch to English, then make sure you have any translating options turned on through your web browser.