Sentence Examples

  • In an oxidizing atmosphere it is indifferent to silica, and therefore siliceous bricks containing a considerable proportion of ferric oxide, when used in flues of boilers, brewers' coppers, &c. and similar situations, are perfectly fire-resisting so long as the heated gas contains a large proportion of unconsumed air.
  • For full accounts of methods used in detecting minute traces of arsenic in foods, &c., see "Report to Commission to Manchester Brewers' Central Association," the Analyst, 1900, 26, p. 8; "Report of Conjoint Committee of Society of Chemical Industry and Society of Public Analysts," the Analyst, 1902, 27, p. 48; T.
  • (4 you.); and again from 1413 the same is true (Gairdners Lollardy and the Reformation being the most elaborate monograph) until we come to Brewers Reign of henry VIII.
  • Many of the licences are those of brewers, distillers and publicans, and others in trade, and are paid out of the general profits of the business, so that they can hardly be passed on to the consumers, while other licences are for shooting, for employing carriages and men-servants, and for similar objects, where the charge on the payer is direct.
  • The work was painted to the order of the Brewers' Gild in (it is said) eight days.

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