Sentence Examples

  • Bot., 1887; Van Tieghem, Trait~ de botanique (2nd ed.
  • (bot.) p. 67 (1895).
  • (bot.): (1888); Delage, LAnnee biologique: confptes rendus annuels des travaux de biologic gnrale (Paris, 1895), &c.; Farmer, Recent Advances in Vegetable Cytology, Science Progress (1896), vol.
  • His character is thus described by a chronicler: "He was ane man that loved solitude, and desired nevir to hear of warre, bot delighted more in musick and policie and building nor he did in the government of the realme."
  • The Diptera Orthorrhapha include the more primitive and less specialized families such as the Tipulidae (daddy-long-legs), Culicidae (gnats or mosquitoes), Chironomidae (midges), Mycetophilidae (fungus-midges), Tabanidae (horse-flies), Asilidae (robber-flies), &c. The Diptera Cyclorrhapha on the other hand consist of the most highly specialized families, such as the Syrphidae (hover-flies), Oestridae (bot and warble flies), and Muscidae (sensu latiore - the house-fly and its allies, including tsetse-flies, flesh-flies, Tachininae, or flies the larvae of which are internal parasites of caterpillars, &c.).

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