Sentence Examples

  • Several of the tribes along the borderland, however, were undoubtedly of mixed blood.
  • The state lies on the borderland between the Prairie Plains and the Alleghany Plateau.
  • No more valuable contribution to the illustration of western Chinese configuration has been given to the public than that of C. C. Manifold who explored and mapped the upper basin of the Yang-tsze river between the years 1900 and 1904, whilst our knowledge of the geography of the Russo-Chinese borderland on the north-east has been largely advanced by the operations attending the RussoJapanese war which terminated in 1905.
  • The identification of existing peoples with the various Scythic, Persian and Arab races who have passed from High Asia into the Indian borderland, has opened up a vast field of ethnographical inquiry which has hardly yet found adequate workers for its investigation.
  • He stands on the borderland between the here and the hereafter, translation of about a quarter of this work has been published in W.

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