Sentence Examples

  • To Boras and beyond, and S.
  • A considerable number of Boras, a class of commercial Mahommedans, reside here.
  • In Gujarat and other parts of western India are to be found classes of Moslems who differ somewhat from those met with elsewhere, such as Memans, Boras and Khojas.
  • At Boras, midway between the south end of Lake Vetter and the Cattegat, the average is 35.08 in., and 45.82 in.
  • The towns with a population exceeding 15,000 in 1900 are Stockholm (300,624), Gothenburg (130,609), Malmo (60,857), Norrkoping (41,008), Gefle (29,522), Helsingborg (24,670), Karlskrona (23,955), Jonkoping (23,143), Upsala (22,855), Orebro (22,013), Lund (16,621), Boras (15,837), Halmstad (15,362).