Sentence Examples

  • You still can buy it from the government's bookstore; a recent one ran about two thousand pages and cost about $200.
  • Just west of the intersection, he pulled up to Cimarron Books, a small combination bookstore and coffee shop.
  • When they entered the main bookstore, she stopped.
  • She caught the keys and gazed up at him, lost, until he indicated the bookstore with a nod of his head.
  • Among the few prose writers of distinction were Andrew Spangar, whose " Hungarian Bookstore," Magyar Konyvtdr (Kassa, 1738), is said to be the earliest work of the kind in the Magyar dialect; George Baranyi, who translated the New Testament (Lauba, 1 754); the historians Michael Cserei and Matthew Bel, which last, however, wrote chiefly in Latin; and Peter Bod, who besides his theological treatises compiled a history of Hungarian literature under the title Magyar Athends (Szeben, 1766).