Sentence Examples

  • If you can even afford boardroom attire, you'll probably be buying clothes you won't even wear since you'll be so busy playing golf with all the big names of corporate America.
  • You can even run from the boardroom to the theater in windy weather - at most, your ponytail will only need a quick lash with a comb to be as neat as it was in your bathroom.
  • Of late, women are seen competing with men in sports, the boardroom and politics, but it can't be denied that a woman's physical image still plays a factor in her success.
  • The team that does not win the task - as selected by the company which is represented in the project - must come to Trump's boardroom for interrogation and elimination.
  • During Season 6, the project manager from the winning team each week was asked to sit in on the boardroom meetings and was allowed input on who should be fired.