Sentence Examples

  • More generally, if we have obtained a as an approximate value for the pth root of N, the binomial theorem gives as an approximate formula p,IN =a+6, where N = a P + pap - 19.
  • It has been mentioned in � 41 (ix.) that the binomial theorem can be used for obtaining an approximate value for a power of a number; the most important terms only being taken into account.
  • Binomial name Equus caballus Linnaeus, 1758 The horse (Equus caballus, sometimes seen as a subspecies of the Wild Horse, Equus ferus caballus) is a large odd-toed ungulate mammal, one of ten modern species of the genus Equus.
  • (Avenarius, 1863.) (General type.) (Becquerel, 1863.) (Tait, 1870.) (Barus, 1889.) (Holborn and Wien, 1892.) (Paschen, 3893.) (Steele, 1894.) (Holman, 3896.) (Stanfield, 1898.) (Holborn and Day, 1899.) See sec. 15.) For moderate ranges of temperature the binomial formula of M.
  • Binomial Theorem 11.2.3 116.

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