Sentence Examples

  • Determinants composed of binomial coefficients have been studied by V.
  • Relation of Binomial Coefficients to Summation of Series.
  • There are extensions of the binomial theorem, by means of which approximate calculations can be made of fractions, surds, and powers of fractions and of surds; the main difference being that the number of terms which can be taken into account is unlimited, so that, although we may approach nearer and nearer to the true value, we never attain it exactly.
  • - For the history of the binomial theorem, see John Collins, Commercium Epistolicum (1712); S.
  • - It is obvious that the Linnaean binomial terminology and its subsequent trinomial refinement for species, sub-species, and varieties was adapted to express the differences between animals as they exist to-day, distributed contemporaneously over the surface of the earth, and that it is wholly inadapted to express either the minute gradations of successive generic series or the branchings of a genetically connected chain of life.

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