Sentence Examples

  • A specified form of death penalty occurs in the following cases: - gibbeting (on the spot where crime was committed) for burglary, later also for encroaching on the king's highway, for getting a slave-brand obliterated, for procuring husband's death; burning for incest with own mother, for vestal entering or opening tavern, for theft at fire (on the spot); drowning for adultery, rape of betrothed maiden, bigamy, bad conduct as wife, seduction of daughter -in-law.
  • Poverty excused bigamy on the part of a deserted wife.
  • Crispis position was shaken by a morally plausible but juridically untenable charge of bigamy, ~ li while on the 8th of March the election of Cairoli, an a t~o opponent of the ministry and head of the extremer section of the Left, to the presidency of the Chamber, induced Depretis to tender his resignation to the new king.
  • Bigamy (in its modern sense) was thus made felony (i Jac. I.
  • Having more than one wife is bigamy; having more than one husband is pure insanity.

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