Sentence Examples

  • If you do wear bifocals, though, you may want to get the opinion of an optician before committing to a purchase, so visiting a brick-and-mortar store that offers Bellagio frames to try on a few pairs will be in your best interest.
  • This remarkable feat is accomplished through photochromic technology, and even better is the fact that these special lenses are compatible with a wide range of prescriptions, including bifocals and trifocal recommendations.
  • If you didn't have bifocals, you'd have to take off one pair of glasses to replace them with a pair of readers every time you needed to shift from viewing something at a distance to looking at something up close.
  • Nobody will know you're wearing bifocals (important for those who are worried about looking young), and your prescription will gradually shift from your distance prescription to your near prescription.
  • If you have to wear eyeglasses for reading signs, watching television, driving, or other activities where the ability to see at a distance is required, you'll thank your lucky stars for your bifocals.

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