Sentence Examples

  • In practice, it was held by the Moslem begs or beys (nobles) and agas (landlords), who let it to the peasantry.
  • In June 1593, with an army of 30,000 men, he laid siege to Sissek; the Austrian and Hungarian levies hurried to its relief; and on the 22nd the Turks were routed with immense slaughter on the banks of the Kulpa, Hassan himself, with many other beys and two of the imperial princes, being among the slain.
  • The family of Tekke Oglu, domiciled near Perga, though reduced to submission in 1812 by Mahmud II., continued to be a rival power to the Ottoman governor till within the present generation, surviving by many years the fall of the other great Beys of Anatolia.
  • The government of the Deys lasted till 1705, but vas soon narrowed or overshadowed by the authority of the Beys, whose Beys.
  • Under Deys and Beys alike Tunisia was essentially a pirate state.

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