Sentence Examples

  • He reached Benin, but was seized with dysentery at a village called Gwato, and died there on the 3rd of December 1823.
  • The bay formed by the configuration of the land between Cape St Paul and the Nun mouth of the Niger is known as the Bight of Benin, the name being that of the once powerful native state whose territory formerly extended over the whole district.
  • Missions:: Nile Delta, Benin, Ivory Coast, Gold Coast, Dahomey, Upper Niger.
  • Into the huge delta of the Niger several other rivers (the " Oil Rivers ") empty themselves; the chief being, on the west, the Benin, and on the east the Brass.
  • Besides the people of Benin, the coast tribes include the Jekri, living on the lower part of the Benin river and akin to the Yoruba, the Ijos, living in the delta east of the main mouth of the Niger, and the Ibos, occupying a wide tract of country just above the delta and extending for loo m.

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