Sentence Examples

  • Use red leaf lettuce as an accent instead of red flowering begonia, and use the lovely flowers of many herbs such as chives and basil to accent spots among the borders.
  • Begonia grandis: pink or white leaves with solid green leaves that grow from bulbs.
  • This one is a begonia, the other one is a coleus.
  • Among these some forms, as among the trees, extend much be y ond the tropic and ascend into the temperate zones on the mountains, of which may be mentioned Begonia, Osbeckia, various Cyrtandraceae, Scitamineae, and a few epiphytical orchids.
  • The other flowers of the lonaas are the papita de San Juan (Begonia geranifolia), with red petals contrasting with the white inner sides, valerians, the beautiful Bomarea ovata, several species of Oxalis, Solanum and crucifers.