Sentence Examples

  • Bassinet Basket-Find a portable wicker bassinet with handles, and fill it with diapers, wipes, skin care products, blankets, towel sets, etc. The bassinet will be used again and again, and so will all of the items inside!
  • While many parents choose to have their infant's crib or bassinet in their room for the first few months of the baby's life, others choose to have the nursery all ready to go before the baby is born.
  • One of the reasons new parents choose a bassinet is that a crib takes up more space, so if your master bedroom isn't large enough to accommodate the crib, your baby will be in a separate room.
  • When you first began planning your baby nursery, you probably imagined his sweet, little body snuggled securely into a bassinet or crib and didn't give a second thought to toddler furniture.
  • While it's perfectly acceptable for you to place your newborn's bassinet next to your bed and co-sleeping is a popular parental topic, sleeping with your child increases the risk of SIDS.