Sentence Examples

  • When he saw that all hope was gone he, with only three followers, fought his way through the Kajar host and escaped to Bam-Narmashir, the most eastern district of the province of Kerman on the borders of Seistan.
  • Not only have many travellers of many nationalities directed their steps towards the Bam-i-dunya ("the Roof of the World") in search of adventure or of scientific information, but the government surveys of Russia and India have met in these high altitudes, and there effected a connexion which will help to solve many of the geodetic problems which beset the superficial survey of Asia.
  • BAM, a town of Persia in the province of Kerman, situated 115 m.
  • It is the capital of the Bam-Narmashir district and has extensive groves of date-palms and gardens.