Sentence Examples

  • On the first ballot Lincoln received only 102 votes to 1732 for Seward.
  • This policy took definite shape in 1297, when the Doge Pietro Gradenigo proposed and carried the following measure: the supreme court, the Quarantia, was called upon to ballot, one by one, the names of all who for the last four years had held a seat in the great council created in 1171.
  • (2) The enactment in most of the states of the Australian or secret ballot laws.
  • On the second ballot Lincoln received 181 votes to Seward's 1842.
  • The victory of the Radicals resulted in the establishment of a railway rate commission, based upon a constitutional amendment of 1890 and a statute of 1891, the passage of an alien land law in 1891, which was declared unconstitutional and amended in 1892, the adoption of the Australiaw ballot system for cities and towns of more than io,000 inhabitants (1892), the retirement of Roger Q.