Sentence Examples

  • - The Khmers, the ancient inhabitants of Cambodia, are conjectured to have been the offspring of a fusion between the autochthonous dwellers in the Indo-Chinese peninsula, now represented by the Kouis and other savage tribes, and an invading race from the plateaus of central Asia.
  • The earliest inhabitants of Laconia, according to tradition, were the autochthonous Leleges.
  • The tribe is autochthonous, claiming descent from a son of the river Borysthenes Targitaos, who lived a thousand years before.
  • The lexicographers mention as characteristics of the Eupatridae that they are the autochthonous population, the dwellers in the city, the descendants of the royal stock.
  • It is not probable that the Eupatrid families were all autochthonous, even in the loose sense of that term.

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