Sentence Examples

  • But when Descartes arrived, he found Paris rent asunder by the civil war of the Fronde.
  • You cannot in the actual man cut soul and body asunder; they interpenetrate in every member.
  • M.), known to Drusus as Fabaria, and to Pliny as Burchana, which was rent asunder by the sea in 1170.
  • Oixa, apart, TEµvecv, to cut), literally a cutting asunder, the technical term for a form of logical division, consisting in the separation of a genus into two species, one of which has and the other has not, a certain quality or attribute.
  • 2, F, G) and as the-daughter chromosomes become pulled asunder they often appear more or less V-shaped so that each pair appears as a closed ring of irregular shape, the ends of the Vs being in contact thus (fig.

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