Sentence Examples

  • Copper is mined and extensive deposits of petroleum and asphalt are being exploited.
  • Small amounts of asphalt have been sent to the United States.
  • The main exports were asphalt and calcium carbide.
  • Glass and other sands and gravel ($13,270,032), lime ($11,091,186), phosphate rock ($10,653,558), salt ($7,553,632), natural mineral waters ($7,287,269), sulphur ($6,668,215, almost wholly from Louisiana), slate ($6,316,8 I7), gypsum ($4,138,560), clay ($2,599,986), asphalt ($1,888,881), talc and soapstone ($1,401,222), borax ($975,000, all from California), and pyrite ($857,113) were the next most important products in 1908.
  • Asphalt is obtained in Ferghana.