Sentence Examples

  • The snake, however, to which the word "asp" has been most commonly applied is undoubtedly the haje of Egypt, the spy-slange or spitting snake of the Boers (Naja haje), one of the very poisonous Elarinae, from 3 to 4 ft.
  • Cases of collision have been tried in it (the "Vivid," 1 Asp. Maritime Law Cases, 601).
  • The asp (Pethen, ×ֶּתֶן) is mentioned in various parts of the Old Testament.
  • Asp, Paired anterior process of the subneural arch.
  • Drawn in the direction of the instantaneous axis, we have I I=M4/p(~ II); hence w varies asp. The locus of J may therefore be taken as the polhode (f 18).