Sentence Examples

  • Caribbean - Serving all the major hot spots in the Caribbean including Bermuda, Jamaica, Aruba, St. Croix, and more, these vacation packages can include extras like snorkeling, scuba diving, and golf.
  • Many of the most popular honeymoon locations such as Florida, Aruba, and Italy offer all inclusive or combination packages allowing you to plan your honeymoon with ease.
  • Tropical Paradise: A general tropical theme is perfect for any pool party, but for wild fun consider a more specialized paradise such as Jamaica, Aruba, or the Bahamas.
  • Aruba: Safari tours, cave explorations, visiting natural pools, and guided tours are available in addition to the white sands and relaxing waters of Aruba.
  • Aruba: An island located in the Caribbean with beautiful pristine beaches, Aruba can be a touch of paradise for retirees who have the funds to move there.