Sentence Examples

  • In 1803 Palgrave was articled to a firm of solicitors, but was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1827.
  • Process which runs through the book: "If Shakespeare was really articled to a Stratford attorney, in all probability, during the five years of his clerkship, he visited London several times on his master's business, and he may then have been introduced to the green-room at Blackfriars by one of his countrymen connected with that theatre."
  • His father, Francisco Antonio Zumalacarregui, was a lawyer who possessed some property, and the son was articled to a solicitor.
  • Having passed his law preliminary, he was articled to a firm in Portmadoc, and in 1884 obtained his final qualifications.
  • William was educated at Oakham and Newark grammar schools, and in 1714 he was articled to Mr Kirke, attorney at East Markham, in Nottinghamshire.