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  • We have, in fact, returned very nearly to Cuvier's conception of a great division or branch, which he called Articulata, including the Arthropoda and the Chaetopoda (Annelides of Lamarck, a name adopted by Cuvier), and differing from it only by the inclusion of the Rotif era.
  • The cerebral ganglia constitute an archicerebrum for the most part, there being no evidence that, as in the Arthropoda, a movement forward of post-oral ganglia has taken place.
  • ARTHROPODA, a name, denoting the possession by certain animals of jointed limbs, now applied to one of the three sub-phyla into which one of the great phyla (or primary branches) of coelomocoelous animals - the Appendiculata - is divided; the other two being respectively the Chaetopoda and the Rotifera.
  • The word "Arthropoda " was first used in classification by Siebold and Stannius (Lehrbuch der vergleich.
  • The 1 The group Arthropoda itself,th usconstituted,wasprecisely identical in its area with the Insecta of Linnaeus, the Entoma of Aristotle.

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