Sentence Examples

  • This consideration leads us to one of the most remarkable and fascinating features of 'ant-communities - the presence in the nests of insects and other small arthropods, which are tended and cared for by the ants as their " guests," rendering to the ants in return the sweet food which they desire.
  • Exoskeleton The outer cellular layer (ectoderm or " hypodermis ") of insects as of other Arthropods, secretes a chitinous cuticle which has to be periodically shed and renewed during the growth of the animal.
  • The muscles in the Hexapoda are striated, as in Arthropods generally, the large fibres being associated in bundles which are attached from point to ` point of the cuticle, so .,/I i i I as to move adjacent sclerites with respect to one 4011 another (see figs.
  • - A striking feature in the food-canal of the Hexapoda, as in other Arthropods, is the great extent of the " foregut " and " hind-gut," lined with a chitinous cuticle, continuous with the exoskeleton.
  • - Among the Hexapoda, as in Arthropods generally, the egg is large, containing an accumulation of yolk for the nourishment of the growing embryo.

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