Sentence Examples

  • The Boule, or Council, of the Areopagus (r) Ev 'Ap€icp Il6.
  • In 324 the Areopagus, after inquiry, reported that nine men had taken bribes from Harpalus, the fugitive treasurer of Alexander.
  • Its political importance really was that it transferred the protection of the constitution from the Areopagus to the Ecclesia.
  • In view of the ancient law which forbade burial within the city, the tombs within the circuit of the city walls must either be earlier than the time of Themistocles or several centuries later; in the similar rocktombs on the neighbouring slopes of the Acropolis and Areopagus both Mycenaean and Dipylon pottery have been found.
  • The Areopagus is now a bare rock possessing few architectural traces.

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