Sentence Examples

  • "Yes, yes, at thunderclaps!" was repeated approvingly in the back rows of the crowd.
  • 10) speaks less approvingly of those who look for Christ and his apostles "on painted walls" rather than in his written word.
  • He accepted also the division into five zones; he quotes approvingly the assertion of Hipparchus that it was impossible to make real advances in geography without astronomical observations for determining latitudes and longitudes.
  • 6.3) for a decree of Hadrian respecting the Jews, but he is best known as the writer of a Dialogue (between Papiscus, an Alexandrian Jew, and Jason, who represents the author) on the witness of prophecy to Jesus Christ, which was approvingly defended by Origen against the reproaches of Celsus.
  • And he smiled approvingly, evidently pleased with the cadet.