Sentence Examples

  • Before yielding her head to the block, she bowed before the clay statue of Liberty erected;in the Place de la Revolution, uttering her famous apostrophe - "0 Liberty!
  • The term " wilderness " here is of geographical ambiguity; but the promise is usually taken to mean that Palestine itself was part of the Hittite land before the coming of Israel; and an apostrophe of Ezekiel (xvi.
  • Under this head we may class errors which arise from the omission or the insertion of such marks as the apostrophe and the hyphen.
  • On the 10th of March Vergniaud delivered a powerful oration in which he denounced the intrigues of the court and uttered his famous apostrophe to the Tuileries: "In ancient times fear and terror have often issued from that famous palace; let them re-enter it to-day in the name of the law!"
  • Schleiermacher's fine apostrophe is well known, in which he calls upon us to "offer a lock of hair to the manes of the holy and excommunicated Spinoza."

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