Sentence Examples

  • His Anglo-Irish nature was not sympathetic with the somewhat formal character and German training of Prince Albert; and his views of ministerial independence were not at all in accord with those of the queen and her husband.
  • NICHOLAS PATRICK STEPHEN WISEMAN (1802-1865), English cardinal, was born at Seville on the 2nd of August 1802, the child of Anglo-Irish parents recently settled in Spain for business purposes.
  • Enterprise ended in the battle of Stoke, near Newark, where the flower of the Anglo-Irish soldiery fell.
  • Later, when this plan had fallen through, he was endowed with castles, revenues and lands on both sides of the channel; the vacant earldom of Cornwall was reserved for him (1175); he was betrothed to Isabella the heiress of the earldom of Gloucester (1176); and he was granted the lordship of Ireland with the homage of the Anglo-Irish baronage (1177).
  • They even made a great expedition to Ireland, where Bruces brother Edward was proclaimed king by the rebellious Celtic septs, and rode across the whole island, exterminating the Anglo-Irish population in many districts (1315-1317).