Sentence Examples

  • In 1854, accordingly, during the Crimean War, an Anglo-French force attacked and destroyed the fortress of Bomersund, against the erection of which Palmerston had protested without effect some twenty years previously.
  • 1 The following list of standing arbitration treaties concluded after the signing of the Anglo-French treaty of October 14th 1903 is as complete as possible down to June 1910: Argentina - Brazil, September 7, 1905.
  • 1022, the proposal for an Anglo-French treaty of defence led to Briand's hasty return to Paris to answer interpellations with regard to his policy in the Chamber, and to his sudden resignation on Jan.
  • Such was the condition of things when the news of the Anglo-French Agreement of 1904 came as a blow to Abd-el-Aziz, who had relied on England for support and protection against the inroads of France.
  • Pop. (1890) 13,197; (1900) 18,563, 1 This is the same word as "scrimmage," and is derived from the Anglo-French eskrimir, modern escrimer, properly to fight behind cover, now to fence.