Sentence Examples

  • At these hours a bell known as the Angelus bell is rung.
  • Conrad, following the family tradition, and invited by the emperor Isaac Angelus, had gone to serve at the court of Constantinople.
  • In 1222 Demetrius lost his kingdom to Theodore Angelus, and the house of Montferrat its connexion with the East.
  • The " Cherubic Wanderer," and other poems, of Johann Scheffier (1624-1677), known as Angelus Silesius, are more closely related in style and thought to Eckhart than to Boehme.
  • The emperor Isaac Angelus had not only the old grudge of all Eastern 1 The "economic" motive for taking the cross was strengthened by the papal regulations in favour of debtors who joined the Crusade.