Sentence Examples

  • Mandarin duck (anas galericulata) and Mandarin orange (citrus nobilis) possibly derive their names, by analogy, from the sense of superiority implied in the title "mandarin."
  • The name in Egyptian was Pilak, "the angle (?) island": the Arabs call it Anas el Wagud, after the hero of a romantic tale in the A rabian Nights.
  • The Teal is the Anas crecca of Linnaeus, Nettion crecca of modern ornithology, and the smallest of the European Anatidae, as well as one of the most abundant and highly esteemed for the table.
  • Sponsa (not to be confounded with the above-named Anas carolinensis or Nettion carolinense), and the Mandarin-Duck of China, Ae.
  • Some British authors have referred to the latter of these well-marked species certain Ducks that from time to time occur, but they are doubtless hybrids, though the secret of their parentage may be unknown; and in this way a so-called Bimaculated Duck, Anas bimaculata, was for many years erroneously admitted as a good species to the British list, but of late this has been properly discarded.

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