Sentence Examples

  • Failing analytically to probe its nature, historically we seek relief to our perplexities by tracing its origin..
  • The area BCDdb under the path represents the external work done by the substance in expanding from B to D, which is analytically represented by the integral of pdv taken along the given path.
  • Swanton - have studied many of these languages analytically and comparatively.
  • Analytically, the Cartesian equation to a coaxal system can be written in the form x 2 + y 2 + tax k 2 = o, where a varies from member to member, while k is a constant.
  • Really, we first experience that particular causes have particular effects; then induce that causes similar to those have effects similar to these; finally, deduce that when a particular cause of the kind occurs it has a particular effect of the kind by synthetic deduction, and that when a particular effect of the kind occurs it has a particular cause of the kind by analytic deduction with a convertible premise, as when Newton from planetary motions, like terrestrial motions, analytically deduced a centripetal force to the sun like centripetal forces to the earth.