Sentence Examples

  • By using urea, guanidine, thiourea and related compounds instead of amidines, one obtains the uracils.
  • By replacing the chlorine in the imido-chloride by an oxyalkyl group we obtain the imido-ethers, R C(OR') :NH; and by an amino group, the amidines, R C(NH 2): NH.
  • They behave in most respects as unsaturated compounds; they combine with hydrogen to form amines; with water to form acidamides; with sulphuretted hydrogen to form thio-amides; with alcohols, in the presence of acids, to form imido-ethers R C(:NH) OR'; with ammonia and primary amines to form amidines R C(:NH) NH 2 i and with hydroxylamine to form amidoximes, R C(:NOH) NH 2.
  • AMIDINES, in organic chemistry, the nan e given to compounds of general formula R.
  • Pechmann (Ber., 1895, 28, p. 2 3 62) has shown that amidines of the type R�C: (NY)�NHZ sometimes react as if they possessed the constitution R.

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