Sentence Examples

  • H HN CEH?Chch C(Ch3)N.Cs The ketonic esters under like treatment yield oxypyrimidines, whilst if cyanacetic ester be employed then amino-oxypyrimidines are obtained.
  • The amino derivatives are stable bases which readily yield substitution derivatives when acted upon by the halogen elements.
  • 6), melts at 180-181°C. The simple oxypyrimidines are obtained by the action of nitrous acid on the amino derivatives, or by heating these latter with concentrated hydrochloric acid to 180° C. They show both basic and phenolic properties and are indifferent to the action of reducing agents.
  • This score is the sum of the weights corresponding to the amino acid residues found in the target sequence at each weight matrix position.
  • Proteins are made of long chains of even smaller building blocks called amino acids.

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