Sentence Examples

  • Female athlete triad: Female athletes at the high school or college level are at increased risk for a triad of disorders: excessive dieting or disordered eating, amenorrhea, and loss of bone minerals leading to osteoporosis.
  • All teenagers with amenorrhea should seek medical care, and an adolescent who has had sexual intercourse even once and then missed a period should assume she is pregnant until a reliable pregnancy test proves otherwise.
  • On the other hand, amenorrhea associated with glandular disturbances, tumors, genetic or anatomical abnormalities, diabetes, or other systemic disorders is part of a larger and more worrisome picture.
  • Family history should be taken into consideration in any adolescent with primary amenorrhea, as mothers who started to menstruate late will often have daughters who also menstruate late.
  • Amenorrhea associated with hormonal, genetic, psychiatric, or immunodeficiency disorders may require a variety of different medications and other treatments administered by specialists.