Sentence Examples

  • The Aetolians settled in Elis the Dorians pushed up to the headwaters of the Alpheus, where they divided into two forces, one of which under Cresphontes invaded and later subdued Messenia, while the other, led by Aristodemus or, according to another version, by his twin sons Eurysthenes and Procles, made its way down the Eurotas valley and gained Sparta, which became the Dorian capital of Laconia.
  • Thus she is Xt vaia, Sorocva XL, wins ("lady of the lake"),EXeLa ("of marshes"), 7roTaµ(a ("of rivers," especially of the Cladaus and Alpheus, whence her name 'AX0eacia).
  • The western country is more open, with isolated mountain-groups and winding valleys, where the Alpheus with its tributaries the Ladon and Erymanthus drains off in a complex river-system the overflow from all Arcadia.
  • An altar was retained for the service of one particular god, except where through local tradition two or more deities had become intimately associated, as in the case of the altar at Olympia to Artemis and Alpheus jointly, or that of Poseidon and Erechtheus in the Erechtheum at Athens.
  • This he did by turning the rivers Alpheus and Peneus through them.

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