Sentence Examples

  • ALLUVIUM, soil or land deposited by running water.
  • The northern half of the province is flat, and even marshy along the coast, and consists of a broad band of alluvium formed by the series of parallel rivers descending from the south.
  • Korean soil consists largely of light sandy loam, disintegrated lava, and rich, stoneless alluvium, from 3 to 1 0 ft.
  • The finer material constituting alluvium, often described as "silt," is sand and mud.
  • Among these is the argument from the numerous borings made in the alluvium of the Nile valley to a depth of 60 ft., where down to the lowest level fragments of burnt brick and pottery were always found, showing that people advanced enough in the arts to bake brick and pottery have inhabited the valley during the long period required for the Nile inundations to deposit 60 ft.

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