Sentence Examples

  • However, my all-time favorite picnic was sitting on a bench at the tip of the Ile de la Cité in Paris with a beguiling Brouilly to drink, an onion tarte to eat and watching the boats and barges cruise by on the Seine.
  • Not only is this a huge expense, by using mandatory enrollment and the employer's percentage share placed at all-time highs, most business owners of all sizes are part of the arguments against health care reform.
  • While design trends take time to filter down from designers to homeowners, the Tuscan style will remain an all-time favorite as a classic design simply because it has such comfy appeal to families.
  • Although the wearing of neckties is at an all-time low, men going to a black tie event or on serious dates need to dress the part, and thus need to know how to tie a silk tie.
  • Determining the greatest Christmas movies of all time is, of course, a subjective excerise, but there are a few of which most can agree are among the all-time best.