Sentence Examples

  • In the late eighties/early nineties Nintendo were well and truly king of the Video Games Industry; Mario was selling by the bucket load and it seemed as though no-one could possibly topple their all-powerful dominance.
  • Unlike the previous instalment, Sonic 2 finally gave players a rewarding reason to collect all seven chaos emeralds; it allowed Sonic to transform into the all-powerful Super Sonic for any remaining zones!
  • They do not see their parents as all-knowing or all-powerful, and often have a great deal of emotional energy wrapped up in relationships outside the family.
  • The Yorkist faction seems to have been strongest in the eastern portion of the Principality, where the Mortimers were all-powerful, but later the close connexion of the house of Lancaster with Owen Tudor, a gentleman of Anglesea (beheaded in 1461) who had married Catherine of France, widow of Henry V., did much to invite Welsh sympathy on behalf of the claims of Henry Tudor his grandson, who claimed the English throne by right of his grandmother.
  • Isolated passages in some of the Aragonese letters included in the collection, however, throw a new light on contemporary estimate of his character, describing him as all-powerful, as "pope and king and emperor in one person."