Sentence Examples

  • Items made with this flour are often denser and thicker than baked goods made with all-purpose flour, so it's a good idea to find recipes that specifically call for this type of flour instead of substituting it for other kinds.
  • Organic pastry flour generally has a lower gluten content than all-purpose flour and is suitable for making cakes, cookies, quick breads, scones, or other baked goods that are better with a lighter texture.
  • The blend aims to produce cakes that are medium-fine with a moist crumb, and King Arthur claims that the final cakes will be lighter, less greasy, and less dense than those made with all-purpose flour.
  • Organic versions of many other flours are available, such as all-purpose flour, bread flour, and wheat flour, but none of those products are bleached in the same way that traditional cake flour is.
  • There are dozens of styles available in wholesale sunglasses, from sports wraps with impact resistant polycarbonate lenses to fashionable all-purpose glasses in the hottest colors and styles.