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  • By replacing two of the hydrogen atoms, either by the same or different alkyls, compounds of the formula (R�R 1)CH�OH (i.e.
  • Secondary alcohols result from the reduction of ketones; and from the reaction of zinc alkyls on aldehydes or formic acid esters.
  • They are also formed by the interaction of phosphorus trichloride and zinc alkyls (Cahours and.
  • CH(CH 3) CO 2 HC 2 H 5 CO CH 2 CH3; and by the action of zinc alkyls on acid chlorides (M.
  • Chablay, Comptes rendus, 1906, 1 43, p. 123) 2CH 2 :CH CH 2 OH+2NH 3 Na = CH,:CH CH3+CH2:CH CH20Na +NaOH+2NH31 from the lower members of the series by heating them with alkyl halides in the presence of lead oxide or lime: C5H,9-I-2CH31 =2H1+ C 7 H, 4 i and by the action of the zinc alkyls upon the halogen substituted olefines.

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