Sentence Examples

  • Bernstorff irritated him by his grand airs of conscious superiority.
  • Daremberg's edition of the Ouvres choisies (2nd ed., Paris, 1855) includes the Oath, the Law, the Prorrhetics, book i., the Prognostics, On Airs, Waters, and Places, Epidemics, books i.
  • During all this period Bismarcks authority was so great, that in the conduct of foreign affairs he was freed from the Foreign criticism and opposition which so often hampered sf/airs: him in his internal policy, and he was able to establish the Triple that system of alliances on which for so many years Alliance, the political system of Europe depended.
  • On the side of the extremists, Cameron was happy enough to die in fair fight at Airs Moss (22nd of July 1680), after publicly disowning the king for his breach of the Covenant.
  • The exact nature of the airs concerned in the processes he did not explain until after the preparation of "dephlogisticated air" (oxygen) by Priestley in 1774.