Sentence Examples

  • When agoraphobia accompanies panic attacks, it also responds to cognitive-behavioral treatment for panic disorder, often in conjunction with anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications similar to those prescribed for other phobias.
  • Phobias belong to a large group of mental problems known as anxiety disorders and can be divided into three specific types: specific phobias (formerly called simple phobias), social phobias, and agoraphobia.
  • While experts believe the tendency to develop phobias runs in families and may be hereditary, a specific stressful event usually triggers the development of a specific phobia or agoraphobia.
  • Treating agoraphobia is more difficult than other phobias because there are often so many fears involved, such as fear of open spaces, traffic, elevators, and escalators.
  • Medication can block the feelings of panic and, when combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy, can be quite effective in reducing specific phobias and agoraphobia.