Sentence Examples

  • Disputes between the confederate towns were brought for adjudication before the general assembly, but the League had no recognized federal judiciary.
  • This boundary did not fit in with geographical facts; hence the adjudication was based upon the motive of the treaty and not upon the literal interpretation of such elastic terms as " ocean," " shore " and " coast-line."
  • This submission having been made, Edward acted with honesty and fairness, handing over the adjudication to a body of eighty Scottish and twenty-four English barons, knights and bishops.
  • ,While he had the right to stop the Trent, examine the mails, and, if he found despatches for the enemy among them, carry the vessel into an American port for adjudication, he had no atithority to board the vessel and arrest two of her passengers.
  • The real beginning of English equity is to be found in the custom of handing over to that officer, for adjudication, the complaints which were addressed to the king, praying for remedies beyond the reach of the common law.